@First High School Group is our small group ministry for 9-12th grade students. Our hope is that students would grow in their faith just as they grow in stature. 

Close Friends – Friends are awesome. Friends that love Jesus and that build you up in love are the best. 

Teaching/Experiences - Learning and teaching are not one way streets but meant to be experienced and chewed on.  We provided experiences that help students go deeper in their faith journey as they learn about who they are as a creation of God.

Adult leaders – We have amazing adults leading small groups. 


What does a typical night look like?

A typical night will look something like this: Welcome/hangout/Bible study/ discussion/ prayer/games.

How do I get involved?

We are excited you want to take this next step! Just show up.  Students are welcome to join us each and every week.  Check the Calendar for special events.

 Want to know more? email Scott Jagodzinske, Director of Youth Ministry